Alkaline – Sense Lyrics

Alkaline - Sense Lyrics
Alkaline – Sense Lyrics

Alkaline – Sense Lyrics. Watch e style
Watch e style
Wid all unno do nuh mek we affi hurt unuh
(On and on dem fade away), Away
(On and on dem fade away)

[Verse 1]
The bamma stay with me dat a the rule
You coulda call
To me him just a fool, weh the f**ka seh?
Buss him head brawlin
Five O inna plane, go see the pree affi guh tawch him
The see-er neva di-deh if a neva from the jump
Before the world a call name all thought we money neh a come
Last time me check a dem again that with the talking
We dem call fi action white sheet and body chalking
Nice fi buss me gun my youth

Run up me see man a hop fence

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