Chris Brown – Iffy Lyrics

Chris Brown – Iffy Lyrics
Chris Brown – Iffy Lyrics

Chris Brown – Iffy Lyrics. Ayy
Pinky ring worth ’bout two-fifty (Ooh, ayy)
Two-tone my Lambo’, that’s drippy (Ooh, ayy)
Bottle after bottle, now she tipsy (Ooh)
Can’t trust these hoes ’cause they iffy (Ooh, ayy)
I know that your best friend gon’ slide now (Ooh, ayy)
Party at my house, that’s a vibe now (Ooh, ayy)
Ballin’ on these hoes like LeBron now (Ooh)
She spinnin’ off the top, that’s a freestyle

[Verse 1]
Ayy, I’m ’bout to run it up
I’m ’bout to pull up in that motherfuckin’ Bentley truck (Ayy)
Got some bad bitches and they ’bout to fuck it up (Ayy)
And we takin’ shit over just to sum it up, sum it up
Yeah, I need my commas, lil’ bitch
I ain’t playin’, man, I put that on my mama and shit
Twenty-four on the jersey, just for Mamba and shit
Vince Carter on the beat, I put my arm through the rim

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