DJ Xclusive – Mad O Lyrics

DJ Xclusive – Mad O
DJ Xclusive – Mad O

DJ Xclusive – Mad O Lyrics

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Today’s going to be mad o
Today’s going to be mad o

Then never take light for two days ( mad o)
You dey use spoon dey drink juice ( mad o)
Mosquito dey bite you for club ( mad o)
Anything you see you must chop ( mad o)
Ten girls one week ( mad o)
Why you no go smell I don week ( mad o)
You tell me make I call you aunty
But your mama still dey beat you if you go party ( mad o)
You too dey talk me no like that ( mad o)
If e no be money ogbeni stay back ( mad o)
Why you go put your picture for person sitting room
Ogbeni shey na you get house ( mad o)

Mad o, mad o
Ma ma mad o
Maaa mad o

Turn up, turn up, turn up the base ( mad o)
Even dj don dey rap o( mad o)
Be like say he don dey act o ( mad o)
The money plenty me no dey drag o ( mad o)
See this your palm Omo na swagg o (mad o)
You dey claim big boy dey drive range (mad o)
But we know your house na average ( mad o)
Chaiii you still dey borrow car they pose ( mad o)
You never chop you wan dey toast babe ( mad o)

Mad o, mad o
Ma ma mad o
Maaaa mad o

Even Dj don dey rap o mad o


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