Intence – New Gear Lyrics

New Gear Lyrics By Intence

Intence – New Gear
Intence – New Gear

Intence – New Gear Lyrics. See fi dah year yah wull eh clutch and gear up
Money neva change mi none a mi dawg nah change up
Give thanks seh mi deh yah (ay ya ay ya)
Look how much ppl gah dem bed and nuh wake up (sad)
Mi tell mi dawg dem go out guh dweet Stock up eh paper
Hype a fi later minimum wage cudnt get we dhem gears
Every mickle mek a muckle yow mi dawg gwaan save up
Nuh beg nobody nth mi devn like favour
Waah rich Forever ever and ever and ever and ever
Nah be nuh failure dat anuh we inuh

First Verse

Look how much a mi dawg dem dead off
A nuff neva live fi see dah year yah
Jhuss jah spare we life yaah bredda
Suh mi affi give a thanks seh mi deh yah

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