Lyrics : Tee Grizzley – Afterlife

Afterlife Lyrics Tee Grizzley

Lyrics : Tee Grizzley - Afterlife
Lyrics : Tee Grizzley – Afterlife

You landed on the article because you searched for Afterlife Lyrics. Afterlife Lyrics Tee Grizzley.

Lyrics : Tee Grizzley – Afterlife can be seen in the provided article below. Afterlife lyrics is a new song by Tee Grizzley.

Lyrics : Tee Grizzley – Afterlife. I had zero dollars, zero cents
Couldn’t make a way, it ain’t make no sense
I ain’t gon like I’m a take that shit
No handouts had to take that shit

[Verse 1]
Only problem I got I’m too loyal (Too loyal)
They ain’t with us we gotta destroy ‘em
Think bout a brick when I see water boil
Got slapped cause he thought he was slicker than oil (Boom)
They got brody locked up in the North (Upstate)
I just filled out the lil’ visiting forms (I’m comin’)
When I go see him I’m taking the foreign (On the way)
They gon’ be sick when we be on the Forbes (On the way, nigga)
Aye, can’t evеn lie man I’m blessed to bе livin’

FULL LYRICS HERE : Lyrics : Tee Grizzley – Afterlife


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