Musician Herty Borngreat’s husband not arrested

Musician Herty Borngreat's husband not arrested
Musician Herty Borngreat’s husband not arrested

Musician Herty Borngreat’s husband not arrested. Prophet Daniel Ofori Borngreat, leader of the Great Kingdom Family Chapel, has expressed surprise that he has been mistaken for another church leader also called ‘Borngreat’ who was arrested at Ashiaman recently.

In some of the media reports that carried the story of the arrest of Bishop Dr. Eric Borngreat Aboagye, founder of Heavenslife Global Church, the photograph of Prophet Daniel Ofori Borngreat, husband of Herty Borngreat, was rather used mistakenly, a situation that fueled a wrong impression of who had been arrested.

“I have received many calls from concerned family members, and business associates all asking about the supposed arrest meanwhile, I am not the arrested Borngreat. I am Daniel Ofori Borngreat. The arrested person is not called Daniel Ofori Borngreat but he also has Borngreat in his name. Our church has a branch in Ashiaman and I guess that because the arrested Borngreat was arrested at Ashiaman, some people thought it was me and they started spreading my photos without bothering to check.

“I, Daniel Ofori Borngreat, have not been arrested. I am safely in my home with the family and we are preparing for our online service for tomorrow Sunday because of the ban on public gatherings. I ask church members to remain calm and continue to pray as we all observe the COVID-19 protocols. Your pastor is safe, my wife is safe, the family is safe and I urge all loved ones to remain calm and be rest assured that we are safe ”, Daniel Ofori Borngreat told The New Publisher Saturday morning.

The other Borngreat reported thatthe Ashaiman District Court presided over by His Worship Charles Boateng has issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Bishop Dr Eric Borngreat Aboagye, Founder of Heavenslife Global Church at School Junction, a suburb of Ashaiman.

The warrant follows the head pastor’s decision to flout President’s ban on social gathering.

Bishop Borngreat Aboagye held a church service on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 with over 45 members of the church in attendance contrary to the ban on social gathering.

A joint police and Taskforce from the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly upon a tip off stormed the church and arrested 45 members and sent them to Tsuibleo police station and charged them.

The man of God who had defied the directive and was holding a church service with a number of persons in attendance gathered, spotted members of the taskforce heading towards the church.

Sensing that he could be arrested, arraigned before court and jailed if found guilty, Borngreat Aboagye abandoned the congregation and took to his heels leaving behind his sandals and bible and was pursued by the joint police and Ashaiman Municipal Taskforce.

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