Sarkodie’s wife Tracy answers 7 frequently asked questions

Sarkodie's wife Tracy answers 7 frequently asked questions
Sarkodie’s wife Tracy answers 7 frequently asked questions

Sarkodie’s wife Tracy answers 7 frequently asked questions

Popularly known as Tracy Sarkcess, wife of celebrated Ghanaian rap artiste Sarkodie has responded to seven (7) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Tracy opened up in a Twitter interview set up by the SarkNative Royals. Pretty sure you’ve always wanted to know how the two met, whether she believed in the rapper from the onset and how they get to cope as a couple now.

Below are responses to some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How did you meet Sarkodie? – @YGnill

Ans: We met at Comm.9 Tema. We grew up in the same neighbourhood. He was an area boy

2. Y’all know Sark is handsome. So how do you handle if randomly seeing nice ladies around him and are you a jealous woman? – @AbotareSim

Ans: I use to be jealous but that was a long time ago. Once I matured in the relationship I stopped that childish behaviour.

3. What is that one thing about Sarkodie that made you accept his proposal to be his girlfriend and later his wife.? – @Sarkcesslivingg

Ans: Love & loyalty

4. What’s the hardest Part Of Dating/Marrying A Superstar? – @KobbyKyeiNews

Ans: I have to share him with everyone. And most ppl feel more entitled to him than me sometimes… Amansan property, especially during holiday season when you supposed to spend time with your family

5. Do you have a post graduate certificate – @johny_wahlker

Ans: No. I was doing my Masters in Marketing when I got pregnant with Titi so I stopped. But plan to go back at some point. Education never stops with age.

6. Did you believe in King Sark(ur husband) bout him doing music?? – @Sark_Royals

Ans: I don’t think I took it serious even though I knew he was passionate Abt it. Till I saw him in action at Kasahari, a couple of performances & his 1st album he gave me. Have forgotten the title of that album. it was before “Makye” album. still I never thought he would be this big

7. @TracySarkcess growing up, what did you intend to do and have you achieve your dream yet? – @Sark_Royals

Ans: Growing up I wanted to be a journalist, a newscaster to be precise because I love politics. But it was hard in Germany as a black in my time to get practical work experience & also b’cos of the language. But I ended up still working in media but I’m a diff. field.

Tracy answered pretty many questions than we have shared here. You can, however, follow the conversation with #SrAskTracySarkCess

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