Shatta Wale – It’s About Humbleness And Knowing Jah

Shatta Wale – It’s About Humbleness And Knowing Jah

Renowned African dancehall artiste Shatta Wale today shared deep key secret for reggae and dancehall artists to build a great friendly business for to benefit.
He wrote and shared the words on his official Facebook handle named “Charles Nii Armah Mensah” and it reads “If Reggae and Dancehall artiste will stop the ego and pride and unnecessary hate we can build this together but one comes out with a single and all you hear is super super super .. Bilal Larry please teach them and don’t spare the rod ,you might spoil the child .. it’s about humbleness and knowing Jah…”.
If artists take down pride and ego from their minds the industry would have been better says the dancehall king.

Below are comment of some of his followers

“Paulà Naana Adkins” You definitely live a double standard life 😂 I bet you’re referring to yourself in this post . You’re always insulting your colleagues and you expect who to build something with you? You’re the one who has demonstrated hate and pride from the get go . Or me too I should was my face and try to read well 🤣 joker

Ghpromoter Prince Sometimes you make 100% sense which I do agree but you can’t preach love if you yourself you arent willing to love and stop some awkward behaviors of yours towards some industry players

Prettybwoy Pablo Jon now that your songs make like toilet you want to come together. Carry your foolishness go away 😡


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