Zodwa Wabantu – My Asssss Is Ready For Booking (Video Here)

Zodwa Wabantu - My Asssss Is Ready For Booking
Zodwa Wabantu – My Asssss Is Ready For Booking

Zodwa Wabantu – My Asssss Is Ready For Booking. South African media personality, Zodwa Wabantu, is more than ready for the commencement of Level 1, as seen in her latest Instagram video.

The reality star was seeing jumping up and down on the bed, wearing nothing but a thong and a T-shirt, which she rolled up to show her stomach.

The revealing video also showed her bending over giving her followers full view of her derriere.

The clip showed Zodwa bursting with excitement following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s national address, which confirmed that the country was now moving to alert level 1.

Zodwa captioned the image with, “I’m Ready Level 1 Promoters, Owners Businessman & Businesswomen Book me My Ass is Ready for The Booking. Virgin Active Gym Ass Peaches.”

Despite her excitement for level 1, Zodwa has been seen living life freely throughout the quarantine, and has been called out on multiple occasions for not adhering to the rules and regulations of the nationwide lockdown.

In early August 2020, Zodwa Wabantu was lambasted for sharing her escapades on social media, which showed her interacting with others without wearing a mask.

The Durban-resident was also seen at a hiking trail in Johannesburg, frolicking in nature with a group of people, ignoring the ‘travel-for-business-only’ rule.

Fans became frustrated with the media personality, with many calling her out for being nonchalant towards the pandemic.

One follower stated, “You are a public figure, yet you broadcast wearing no mask, having fun with friends, drinking and dancing. This is a worldwide pandemic. You are your mates will be the ones spreading the virus without any concern.”

Zodwa was reportedly travelling the country due to business, but according to social media, the socialite had been mixing work with pleasure during all of the levels.



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