American Stuntman Bam Margera Ex Wife Missy Rothstein Biography + Age

Missy Rothstein - Bam Margera Ex Wife

American Stuntman Bam Margera Ex Wife Missy Rothstein Biography + Age

American Stuntman Bam Margera Ex Wife Missy Rothstein Biography + Age. Bam Margera ex wife, Missy Rothstein is a top leading American photographer and model whose popularity raised when she got engaged to stuntman and pro skateboarder, Margera.

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Missy Rothstein Age + Biography
She was born on the 3rd of June 1980 in Springfield, Pennsylvania, United States.
She will be 42 years in 2022.
She studied at Penn State University and she completed a course in Communication.
Her marriage with Bam lasted from 2007 to 2012.
Missy was part of Bam Unholy Union show on MTV, she was engaged with Bam on 2006 and got married in February 2007 in Loews Hotel in Downtown Philadelphia and had their honeymoon in Dubai.

After being concerned about Bam’s work and becoming a young widow she points out.
Last year he was filming, i think it was Cribs and he did a flip off a car into a moat.
He split his head open and i had to rush him to the hospital which resulted in him getting 12 staples in his head.
I’m always nervous right before he does a big stunt but l’m not allowed to baby him or run and make sure he is OK.

Missy And Bam’s Divorse
As the old saying goes, good marriages sometimes don’t last long,
Heavy drinking and alleged away marital affairs involving Bam lead to their parting ways in 2010.
In the year 2009, Bam was hospitalized for 4 good days of heavy drinking.

Missy’s ex husband made it clear that she was aware of his girlfriends in San Francisco and west Chester.
In 2012 their marriage came to an end.

Bam moved on with his life after his divorce with Missy, he started dating Nicole Boyd less than a year after his divorce and had a son with her named Phoenix


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