Ed Sheeran – 2Step Lyrics

Ed Sheeran – 2Step Lyrics
Ed Sheeran – 2Step Lyrics

Ed Sheeran – 2Step Lyrics. I had a bad week
Spent the evening pretending it wasn’t that deep
You could see in my eyes that it was taking over
I guess I was just blind and caught up in the moment
You know you take all of my stress right down
Help me get it off my chest and out
Into the ether with the rest of this mess that just keeps us depressed
We forget that we’re here right now

‘Cause we’re livin’ life at a different pace, stuck in a constant race
Keep the pressure on, you’re bound to break, something’s got to change
We should just be cancelling all our plans and not give a damn
If we’re missin’ out on what the people think is right
Seein’ through a picture behind the screen and forget to be
Lose the conversation for the message that you’ll never read
I think maybe you and me
Oh, we should head out to the place where the music plays
And then

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