Lyrics : Squash – Energy Up

Squash - Energy Up
Squash – Energy Up

Lyrics : Squash – Energy Up

Look through and learn the lyrics to “Energy Up” song by Squash.

Squash – Energy Up

Just 6ixx alone
Every gyal faint when dem smell mi cologne (Energy up)
Energy up
Energy buck (Energy buck)
Energy, mi energy, mi energy, mi energy (Up)
Energy so right
Left di enemy up, enemy (Enemy, enemy)
Di wul ah dem ah hype

Gyal ah seh she wan’ backshot pon di Porsche seat (Ee)
Suh mi clothes sweet, suh mi pants straight, suh mi shoes neat
Bwoy chain dem gyal ah like
Never drop mi guard Bro, Bobby Six, oh please
Pull up ah Tivoli, gyal ah swarm like peas
Four pocket full ah brick, mi nuh shake like leaf
Bare killer round mi, dem got di draco
Guh suck yah madda yute, mek mi tell yuh straight up
No, no, no, mi ah live my life
Mi conscience free nuh wan’ have nuttn’ pon mi mind
Mi and mi girldfriend gah spend some time
Gone far away, mi nuh trust mankind
Mi nuh frighten fi people, nuh run down nuh vanity
Yeah mi know mi purpose more than ah star weh mi be
Dat ah 6ixx
Gyal ah ride pon di bike, mi seh like ah jet ski
She keep mi educated, mek mi stress free
Mi dash weh di old phone, but she still ah text mi
Mi left mi spirit inna har house, suh she get ah wet dream
Every gyal mi fuck, dem nuh regret, dem wan’ fi come again
Mi high off ah di weed, nuh Mystro gi’ di gyal dem ecstacy
Di Hennessy inna mi blood, dem ah seh mi n’ave nuh love
Wulla di 6ixx dem heart clean, wi n’ave nuh grudge

Energy up
Yow Mystro
Yeah wi energy up

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