M.anifest – Scorpio Flow Lyrics

M.anifest – Scorpio Flow
M.anifest – Scorpio Flow

M.anifest – Scorpio Flow Lyrics. Na ɛnɛ me nua panyin baako ti me nkyɛn
Star kɛsiɛ paa, ɛnyomtuni kɛsiɛ paa
Ɛka brɔfo diɛ, brɔfo mu rocks
Mia me nua M.anifest dɔdɔdɔtidɔ

I don’t walk around in the Philippines with the philistines
M dot, in any vicinity I fulfill a dream
No I’m not a rapper, I’m an ideas company
If you come for me ready for the guillotine
I’m making headway, heart race, I’m in a far place
Absolutely switch up like I was barclays

Full Lyrics : M.anifest – Scorpio Flow Lyrics


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